House Water Pump

water pump for house
Suffering from low water pressure at home? Flow rate is inadequate?

Solution to Low Pressure

If the water pressure in your house, flat or other domestic property is not performing as you would expect, you may want to install a pump. We provide pumping solutions to increase water pressure and flow rates where the mains supply is insufficient to meet the demand. We can help install quality pump to give more pressure for better showers, cleaning and irrigation!


  1. Do not have to close all other taps when showering
  2. Enjoy better bath with modern showers that require high water pressure
  3. Get better flow rate from your taps
  4. Do not suffer from flow inconsistency especially when other family members uses water at the same time.

Quality Pumps

We provide a range of pressure boosting pumps designed to increase water supply and pressure to your taps and showers. Our pumps are powerful yet quiet. Comes with professional installation services and other plumbing solutions.

Installation of water pumps can boost your whole water supply to meet the requirements of your whole family. Your taps and showers need not suffer from low pressure again.

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Note: Installation services are limited to homes in KL and Selangor only.