Water Tank

  • Need an extra water tank?
  • Frustrated with the frequent water rationing in Malaysia?
  • Living in a location with constant water distruption?
  • Current storage insufficient due to addition of new family members?
  • Old tank moldy or in need of replacement?

Part of our plumbing services include installation of water tanks (indoor and outdoor) for residential and commercial property. We have two types of water tanks – stainless steel and polytank, with different capacity to meet your requirements.

Stainless Steel Tank

We supply two of the most popular brands in Malaysia – Deluxe and King Kong. Both are reknown for their high quality and yet economical prices. The advantages of stainless steel tanks are:

  1. Highly durable. Heat resistant,
  2. Environmentally friendly.
  3. Safe. Meets international safety standards. Free from toxins. Fully sealed to keep out bugs, mosquitos, algae, fungus and other contaminants.
  4. Light weight and good for outside installation.
  5. Easy to Maintain
  6. Good for outside installation

stainless steel water tank for homes in KL and Selangor


Polytank are very popular. Can also be used outdoor in hot and wet climate like Malaysia. It is non toxic, odorless, do not rust and rot, durable with a 20 – 22 years of life expectancy, sunlight (UV), chemical resistant and maintenance free
polytank installation for Malaysia

Free Consultation and Quotation

Contact us and we can advise you on the most suitable water storage system with the required capacity.
Note: Installation services only for homes in KL and Selangor